About us

We believe there is too much hassle involved with traditional auction houses. You have to pay for delivery, processing, administration and transportation of the bicycle. You can’t even try the bicycle before you buy it, and you always end up paying a fortune because of bidding wars.

Our mission is to make used bicycles easily accessible for everyone. That’s why we have built an online bicycle auction where you can sell your bike from home, and have the chance to try the bicycle before you pay for it.

We think bidding wars are a bad idea. That’s why you can’t place any bids on our bicycle auction. Instead the price of the bicycle falls until a person buys the bicycle. This means, that you always sell and buy bicycles at market prices.

We need your help. We can’t survive without our loyal supporters. If you think our online bicycle auction is a great idea, please remember to recommend Secondhandbikes.dk to friends, colleagues, and classmates.

We’re a little Danish startup company, which consist of Nima, who is studying at the IT University of Copenhagen, and Alberto and Andrea who are former students for Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen.