Biking rules in Denmark

You might have a bike. You might feel ready to explore fantastic Copenhagen on your bike and you might think biking is the easiest thing in the world.

It is most likely the easiest thing in the world but to make it even easier and especially safer for you we recommend that you read this short guide to the biking rules of Copenhagen – The Bicycle Capital of the World.

  • A white light at the front and a red light at the back are required by law from sunset to sunrise.

  • You must always use the bike path if available and keep right unless you are passing. If the is no bike path you must use the road and keep right. Remember to always get off the bike if you are on the sidewalk.

  • When you are turning and stopping you must use signals; Hand signal upwards means stopping – Hand signal left means left turn – Hand signal right means right turn.

  • All traffic lights apply to cyclist as well as cars. Some bike paths have separate lights.

  • You are never allowed to turn right at red at any intersection.

  • When turning left at an intersection, ride on the right side of the path trough the intersection, signal your stop and stop on the opposite side. Here you wait until the light turns green in your new direction.

  • You are never allowed to ride against the flow

  • At bus stops cyclist have to stop and wait for bus passengers to cross the bike path, unless there is a bus island where the passengers can stand safely and wait for any cyclist to pass by.

We also have some good advices on how to behave as a cyclist in Copenhagen too. We recommend that you follow these unwritten rules, as it will make your trip safer and easier.

  • Law does not require cycle helmets, but we strongly recommend that you buy one.

  • Always keep at least one hand at the handlebar

  • Don’t overuse the bell.

  • Don’t bike side by side with your friend. People need to be able to pass you safely.

  • Keep your eyes on the road; no window-shopping or smiling to the sweet girls of Copenhagen while biking.

The only thing left to say is; Have a great bicycle ride in Copenhagen and remember to follow the bicycle rules in Copenhagen for your safety. Enjoy!

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