Fines for cyclist in Denmark

Fines for cyclists are not a joke. If your bike doesn’t comply with the law, then fines quickly become expensive. Here you get a guide of the offenses you can make on your bike, and what fines cost if you make a misdemeanor. Bicycle fines given for many things and there may be fines for something you didn’t expect so read the list and get comfortable with the law for sake of you and your wallet.

Offense Ticket price
 No light in light-up hours  700 kr.
 Using cell phone while biking  1000 kr.
 Flaws with brakes, reflectives etc.  700 kr.
 Running a red light  1000 kr.
 Biking against traffic direction  1000 kr.
 Biking in a pedestrian crossing  700 kr.
 Not following traffic signs  700 kr.
 Violates duty to give away to approaching traffic  1000 kr.
 Not giving signals when turning or stopping  700 kr.
 Biking without hands  700 kr.
 Biking on sidewalk  700 kr.
 Holding on to another vehicle  700 kr.
 Two persons on a regular bike (ticket for both)  700 kr.
 Wrong positioning while turning  700 kr.
 Bell not working  Warning

We encourage everyone to follow the law. We know from bitter experience that a 700 kr. fine for not reaching out your arm when turning, or a 700 kr. fine for having forgotten your bicycle lights is really infuriating stupid money.

One of the things you often see today is people who are texting or talking on the phone while cycling. It is illegal and costs a 1000 kr. fine, but it is not only illegal but also extremely dangerous and one of the major causes of cycling accidents. If you need to send an SMS, then stop and pull over to the side.

There are so many bicycle rules in Denmark that makes cycling safe, so take care of yourself and each other in the traffic. It's about getting around safely.

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