Sell your bicycle on auction

Do you want to sell your bicycle fast? And do you want the highest price for your bicycle? Then you’ve come to the right place. The only thing you need to do is put your bicycle for sale on our online bicycle auction..

It is free to put your bicycle on sale on bicycle auction. You don’t have to pay any fees or deliver your bicycle for inspection. You create the auction ad from home and handle the sale yourself when your bicycle is sold.

General questions and answers

How much does it cost to sell my bicycle on online bicycle auction?

It’s free.

How does the online bicycle auction work?

Our online bicycle auction is a reverse auction. This means, that the price start high and fall until it reaches your minimum price. The buyers will follow your auction as the price falls, and once a buyer decide that the price is right, the buyer will pay a deposit to win the auction.

What happens when my bicycle gets sold?

You will receive an e-mail with the buyers contact information and the price your bicycle was sold for. You will contact the buyer and setup a meeting to show your bicycle.

How do I receive the money when it’s sold?

The buyer pays you in cash when you meet. You are responsible for handling the sale yourself, exactly like if you were doing a normal sale with another private person. We do not handle the money.

What happens if the buyer regret buying the bicycle?

Because it’s a private sale between two people, the buyer can decide to regret the purchase after inspecting the bicycle. The buyer cannot regret the purchase after paying and ending the sale.

How does Second Hand Bikes make money?

Our online bicycle auction is free for sellers. We only charge money from the buyers. We charge the buyers a deposit fee to win the auction. The deposit fee is our payment for facilitating the online bicycle auction and exchanging the buyer and sellers contact information. If a buyer regrets the purchase, we offer to refund the full deposit to the buyer.